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Tecmo offers storage silos with mechanical and pneumatic conveyance, mixing, grinding, batching, dust collection, automation, and supervision systems.

Type of silos: stainless steel, fiber glass reinforced, aluminum, aluminum alloy, and painted aluminum, high tenacity polyester

All silos can be equipped with complete dosage, weighing, batching and mixing systems.

Source of supply: Technosilos® (Ita)

Our product range includes flow wrappers of different sizes for solid objects

Type of packing: from a film roll the object is wrapped with cellophane or PE composite, the automated process is controlled by photocell. Feeding can be manual or automated.

Source of supply: Mondial Pack® (Italy)

Tecmo Pack offers a wide selection of sealing machines at very competitive prices from European and Chinese suppliers

Type of machines: we offer heat sealers, impulse sealers, band and continuous sealers, induction sealers

Source of supply: Brother® (China)

Tecmo Pack proposes a large variety of carton packing machines that: erect, close, fold, seal and strap.

Type of machines:
  • Carton erector
  • Carton top and bottom sealer
  • Strapping machine
  • Stretch wrapping machine

Source of supply: Brother® (China)

Tecmo Pack offers turn-key sorting lines for fruits and vegetables. Thanks to its different partnerships, Tecmo can customize the lines to handle numerous clients’ requests, as well as a wide range of products (apples, citrus, onions, round fruits, tomatoes, vegetables…)

Type of machines: medium and high-speed sorting lines with washing, drying, waxing, mechanical and electronic sizing, and dumping in bins or crates.

Source of Supply: USA, Italy, Lebanon

Tecmo designed a thermoforming line in the 90s in cooperation with French specialists. We also supply machines manufactured in Europe

Type of machines: Tecmo offers both flexible and rigid thermoforming solutions, as well as blister machines for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Flexible: automatic thermoforming and vacuuming machine for cheese, meat, pre-cooked meals industry.
  • Rigid: this form fill and seal machine is mainly used for juice water, dairy product, jams, desserts, as well as small portion packing for the catering industries.
  • Blister machines: blister packs are commonly used as unit-dose packing for pharmaceutical tablets or capsules, confectionary and hardware.

Tecmo sells a complete range of seaming machines for tins. These machines are suitable for vacuum and vacuum with gas, they are able to process 125, 500, 1000g and 3 Kg tins.

Types of machines:
  • Semi-automatic vacuum seamers
  • Automatic vacuum seamers
  • Fully automatic lines for feeding, weighing and seaming of tins with gas injection

Source of supply: Calini ® (Italy)

Whether for marketing, health regulations, or any identification purposes, the equipment supplied by Tecmo can meet the end-of-line coding, printing and labelling needs of its customers.

Type of machines: Tecmo Pack provides laser, inkjet and thermal coding, printing and marking equipment for products, packages and pallets, as well as standard and high-speed labelling machines.

Source of Supply: USA, Europe, China

Tecmo sells a complete range of vertical filling and packing machines. Thanks to our diverse suppliers, Tecmo Pack can satisfy all budgets and production capacities

Type of packing: packing machine forms the bags from films, weighs, fills and seals. Feeding can be manual or automated.

Type of machines: depends on bag size and on the consistency of the product.
  • Vertical form, fill and seal machines
  • Automatic filling machines
  • Vertical stick / sachet machines

Source of supply: Italy, China

Tecmo was the first to introduce vacuum packing in Lebanon back in 1973. It has since sold hundreds of vacuum machines.

Type of packing: vacuum machines remove the air from a bag, before hermetically sealing it. As an option, an inert gas can be flushed in to modify the atmosphere in the bag.

Type of machines:
  • The table top machines.
  • The floor machines.
  • The double chamber machines.
  • The tray vacuuming and gas flushing equipment.
  • The vertical pipette vacuuming machines.

Source of supply: Henkovac® (Netherlands), Italy, China

Tecmo developed the Crystalette line of shrink packing machines in the late 80s. Hundreds of machines, all produced in-house, were sold since.

Type of packing: a shrink film is tightly wrapped around the product by the use of a heat tunnel, a ventilated chamber or a direct heat shrink gun.

Type of machines: shrink tunnels, 2-in-1 small chamber shrinking machines, pallet wrappers, shrink guns

Source of supply: Netherlands, Lebanon, China

In line with Tecmo tradition of delivering turn-key projects to its customers, the department has been offering complete filling and packaging lines and solutions for the last two decades. This includes the design, the machines, the raw materials and the conveying systems.